Big River Consulting is led by Josephine Cashman, Founder and Executive Director, who holds two decades of experience working in legal, business and philanthropic contexts to create rapid social and economic change within Indigenous communities around Australia. Josephine is a thought leader and innovator with exceptional business, negotiation and engagement skills. She is committed to delivering practical outcomes that meet the diverse needs of Indigenous communities.

Josephine has brought together global industry experts who are driven to achieve the desired outcomes for their clients while expertly balancing the needs of Australia’s indigenous communities.

Her team includes:

Dr Aaron Corn, is an author and editor of some 100 publications on Indigenous issues. Dr Corn is Co-Director of the National Recording Project for Indigenous Performance in Australia and has served on the Australian Research Council College of Experts.

Martyn Dominy, a CPA and ASIC Registered Agent, who holds an exemplary reputation as a CFO and business investor. Martyn Dominy provides professional services to clients across the globe in industries as diverse as healthcare, software sales, café chains, IT consulting, recruitment and e-commerce retailing.

Dr Marcia Langton AM, a descendant of the Yiman of Queensland, who holds 40 years of experience in Indigenous policy and business affairs at all levels. Dr Langtong is Co-Chair of the Cape York Partnership, a Director of the Indigenous Construction Resource Group Pty Ltd (ICRG), and Chair of the Guma ICRG JV Pty Ltd

Founder and Managing Director

Josephine Cashman

Josephine Cashman is a Warrimay entrepreneur from New South Wales. She is the Founder and Executive Director of Big River Consulting Pty Ltd, Big River Impact Investments Pty Ltd and the Big River Impact Foundation Limited.

Josephine is a Lawyer, Businesswoman, Orator and Media Commentator with more than two decades of experience working to create rapid business and socioeconomic growth for Indigenous communities around Australia. She was an inaugural member of the Prime Minister’s Indigenous Advisory Council and served as the Chair of its Safe Communities Committee until 2017. She sits on the Board on Reconciliation Working Group of Google Australia and the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust and where she has been reappointment for a second term. In recognition of her notable expertise, Josephine was recently selected as a Friend of the Commonwealth Treasury.

Josephine worked for a decade as a Lawyer in Australian courts. She has undertaken consultancy and voluntary roles for a variety of private, public and non-profit organisations and she was an invited speaker at a special session addressing violence against Indigenous women and girls before the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Quallifications:LLB GradDipLaw, BComm(Journ)

Communications Advisor

Dr Aaron Corn

Dr Aaron Corn holds 25 years of experience working with Indigenous people in Australia. He is the author and editor of some 100 publications on Indigenous issues and perspectives concerning political economies, social change, cultural transformation, knowledge systems, communications infrastructure, and well-being.

Aaron is an expert scholar, writer and editor who has held numerous highly-competitive grants from the Australian Research Council and other prestigious bodies. He has attracted some $9.2 million to Indigenous research themes and training and has served on the Australian Research Council College of Experts. Aaron has a long history of recruiting, mentoring and creating jobs for Indigenous colleagues, and specialises in translating complex Indigenous needs and socio-economic aspirations. He is semi-fluent in the Yolŋu-Matha languages of Arnhem Land and has a working knowledge of several other Indigenous languages.

Aaron was appointed as the Foundation Professor and Director of the National Centre for Aboriginal Languages and Music Studies at the University of Adelaide in 2016 and has served as Co-Director of the National Recording Project for Indigenous Performance in Australia since 2010.

Quallifications:BAMus(Hons) MPhil PhD

Chief Financial Officer

Martyn Dominy

Martin has worked across the Asia–Pacific region for more than 15 years as a Finance Executive in positions of CFO, COO and Management Consultant.

He has deep experience across multiple industries including cloud software, human capital, management consulting and airport infrastructure. He has developed and mentored finance and operational teams across Asia–Pacific and built multiple shared–services centres supporting this region. Martyn has been instrumental in the development of the cloud accounting software vendor SAASU.com and the IOT software vendor Simble.com. He has assisted multiple software companies through merger and acquisition activities including sale and eventual listing on the ASX.

Martyn advised and assisted Cairns, Mackay and Queenstown Airports to raise $700m in bank-funded debt, has developed strategic plans and assisted executive leadership teams with 30-year airport master plans. Martyn also advised the Solomon Islands Government in leading the aviation reform agenda to corporatise its state-owned airports.

Martyn has worked with multiple Indigenous tourism businesses in the Northern Territory and has been a trusted advisor and confidante to Josephine along her journey of Indigenous economic advancement. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Canberra, and is a qualified Member of CPA Australia and is an ASIC-registered agent.

Quallifications:BCom, CPA

Industry and Policy Strategist

Dr Marcia Langton AM

Dr Marcia Langton AM FASSA is an anthropologist and geographer. She has been the Professor and Foundation Chair of Australian Indigenous Studies at the University of Melbourne since 2000 and was appointed Associate Provost there in 2017. She has produced a large body of knowledge in the areas of political and legal anthropology, and Aboriginal arts and culture. Her publications on Aboriginal art, film and culture, and Indigenous agreements and engagement with the minerals industry are globally renowned.

Marcia’s role in the Empowered Communities project under contract to the Australian Government Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, and as a Member of the Expert Panel on Constitutional Recognition of Indigenous Australians evidence her academic reputation, policy commitment and impact, and her prominence as a public intellectual.

Marcia’s 2012 Boyer Lectures, The Quiet Revolution: Indigenous People and the Resources Boom, exemplify her contributions to public debate and have consolidated her influence and reputation in government and private–sector circles. In 1993, Marcia was made a Member of the Order of Australia in recognition of her work in anthropology and advocacy for Aboriginal rights. She is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia (FASSA), an Honorary Fellow of Emmanuel College at the University of Queensland, and a Fellow of Trinity College at the University of Melbourne. In 2016, she was honoured by the University of Melbourne as a Redmond Barry Distinguished Professor.

Quallifications:Qualifications:BA(Hons) PhD, FASSA